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To Do:

To Do: published on 1 Comment on To Do:

First and foremost: get over this bloody cold that’s had me out of commission for the better part of the last week!

To pick up/perform in the next 48 hours:

– At least five balanced XLR-to-quarter inch cables, to run from line splitter to Echoplexes
– New suitcase and all-important carry-on bag (which will double as gear schlepping cart on the streets of New York, and must therefore accommodate two Echoplexes plus foot controller)
– Laundry (including the East Coast Heavy Cold Weather Jacket)
– Mail a box of CDs to The Monkey, in order to avoid a super-heavy suitcase (and to leave room for: line splitter, Vox Tonelab, Roland 626, spare PMC-10 footpedal, and other goodies to be placed in amidst clothes, which won’t fit into the carry-on bag)
– Work out safe packaging for all of the above (bubble-wrap and bunches of clothes are my allies)
– Shuttle reservations to and from NYC airport
– Have mail held at post office while I’m away
– Compile a handy list of flight information, contact telephone numbers, venue addresses
– Set up voice mail for my cell phone
– Remember to bring cell phone charger
– Peruse library for reading materials for the 6,000-mile round trip


– Shuttle to Burbank airport, or drive myself and pay a week’s parking?
– Soft guitar case for carting around New York, instead of a heavy hardshell?
– One Echoplex at a time, or two, for the pre-Monkey gigs?

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