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“Prove that you are a human”

“Prove that you are a human” published on No Comments on “Prove that you are a human”

…was the final instruction in the registration page for this blog. It’s meant to screen out automated programs, of course, but it’s quite a question to be dealt with in the literal sense, too. Just how does one go about proving that, I wonder?

So the idea of starting a blog has been alternately intriguing and distasteful to me for a long time. Distasteful because the idea of a “public diary” is an invitation to narcissism on a colossal scale – the kinds of things I would write about in a diary are not necessarily the sorts of things I would want to share with the rest of the web-surfing world.

But I like the idea of a presence on the web that can exist outside of web site updates or mailing list postings. And I enjoy being able to check the blogs of people I know or respect – it’s a cool way to see what’s up with someone in a quick and easy way. Beyond that, I’m keen on changing things around in my day-to-day existence – so I’ll give this a shot and see how long it lasts.

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