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NYC 3.0: Recordings from the 2006 New York Guitar Festival

NYC 3.0: Recordings from the 2006 New York Guitar Festival published on No Comments on NYC 3.0: Recordings from the 2006 New York Guitar Festival

Andre LaFosse Live at The Monkey
January 19th, 2006

Part 1: Entwined

Part 2: NYC 3.0 -> Serious Drama -> Interference

Part 3: NYC 3.1 -> One Way Street -> The Proposition

Part 4: Signify -> NYC 3.2 -> NYC 3.3

Part 5: NYC 3.4 -> Guilty Party

All selections written/improvised by Andre LaFosse.
Recorded by Dominic Frasca.
Post-performance mixing and mastering by Elijah B. Torn and Andre LaFosse.

For this performance, Andre played a Reverend Rocco electric guitar, through a Vox ToneLab, into an Echoplex Digital Pro controlled by a Digitech PMC-10 MIDI footpedal. No pre-recorded elements or outside sound sources were used. Part 3 contains a post-performance fade-out; Part 2 and Part 4 contain one mid-performance edit each.

Special thanks to David Spelman, Dominic Frasca, Elijah B. Torn, David Torn, Andre Cholmondeley and Cheri Jiosne.
The handfull of post-peformance edits were mainly to eliminate the few cover songs I played at the gig, in order to avoid having to pay royalties on those songs while offering free downloads of the performance. (If that sounds like a lame, conservative, thrifty cop-out, consider that the full-length mp3 for “Seismic” has been downloaded about 2,000 times, and gets an average of 130 unique visitors per day.)

There was also roughly one minute I chopped out of one other tune included here, simply because it drove me up the wall every time I listened back to it. The post-edited version you now hear is still completely “performable,” so the ludicrously obligatory “totally live!!!” looping chest-beating is still in effect, y’all.

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