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My Final Mix Checklist – 5/18/12

My Final Mix Checklist – 5/18/12 published on No Comments on My Final Mix Checklist – 5/18/12

subway: tuck in verse + bridge
12 sided: done?!?!
harbar: replace tone on outro doompeggios
zen: done?!?!
remediation: lower 1st c section (ew that sounds gross), smooth crescendo
balancing: done?!?!

retcon: smooth lead levels, boost alarm, chill fills, lower wobble
hard sci fi: bring out r2d2?
hyst: pre-melody drums
lowest: raise levels on 2nd and 3rd chorus, bring up intro, check kick
process: lower b section mel for cresc?
slo-mo: done?!?!
strange: lower drums…?
do tha: raise stereo synth, tighten outro
funk: lower drums
siren: boost van halen, extend kraut, boost rowr, …?

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