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Madness from My Method

Madness from My Method published on No Comments on Madness from My Method

Late last year, an underground ‘zine called This Is My Method ran an in-depth interview with me. It came about after Mike Corwin, the man behind the magazine, caught my gig at the venerable Cryptonight music series. Mike is a CalArts student (as was I, a decade (!) ago) and I was very impressed with the detail and effort that he put into the print edition of the ‘zine – it’s a very cool publication, and clearly a labor of love on this part.

The website for This Is My Method is currently undergoing behind-the-scenes updates (click here for the latest status on it), but in the meantime Mike has been kind enough to allow me to host the interview in its entirety on my own site.

Check it out: This Is My Method interview.

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