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live mp3 beta-test

live mp3 beta-test published on 3 Comments on live mp3 beta-test

Can some folks please download/listen to these? I want to make sure there’s no glaringly obvious mistake/problem before they go live…

These are live soundboard recordings, so they’re not amazing-sounding, but any serious issues (i.e. shredded tweeters or exploding subwoofers) would be great to hear about.




Cool! This was the clip I remembered best from your shows:

It’s an earworm. On that bit in particular, I like that I can switch between listening to the background skips/stutters/harmonics and the melody very smoothly. Part5 goes to some of the same place but maybe goes too far with the bassline/lead thus drowning out the appreciation of the underlying texture. Finding that interplay balance seems like a challenge….I wish these were ableton live files, it would be fun to experiment with different ways of ordering and arranging the material!

Random tangential thought while listening…the White Zombie song “Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls” came to mind. I was feeling like if that song were made only using a guitar it might parallel a sort of song structure that might fit your work:

I may have thought/said that before. In any case, thanks for the preview! I’ll keep listening and see if any other things occur to me. Recording quality seemed good on a first hearing.

Hope you’re coming for Troy’s show tonight @ nova

image considerations

I’ve been doing sketches for people playing the nova. Listening to your music I started trying to think of ways to convey reinvention of electric guitar as well as looping at various granularities. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a very schematic-looking guitar…an electric guitar but not in the way you would think of it, with a resistor ladder for frets, etc:

Very rough thought experiment I did this morning—I have an EE degree so picking random things and slapping them on wouldn’t work for me in the long run. I’d prefer to connect the pieces into a circuit that did something. 🙂

Re: image considerations

So sorry for the heinous delay in getting back to you on this…

That’s a very cool poster/concept, and I really appreciate your taking the time on it! When my brain gets screwed on a little straighter this would be a cool thing to look into in more depth…

Sorry I missed Troy’s gig last week – please give him my regards/apologies, and I hope it went well.

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