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I’m not sure about how Andre deals with it, but when the Scientology got too thick out in LA I used to just glaze over (kinda like the cat), shake off, scream “GET THESE BODY THETANS OFF OF ME!” and twitch violently. They’d usually back off fearfully at that point.

hey, andre,
i found your website and livejournal by chance. as an avid looper (who is never satisfied with the limitations of looping technology) i am utterly thrilled and excited by the music you’ve done. I am most moved by the music on the glitchy “work in progress” section from 2001-2002. It’s crazy that this is already almost six years old, but completely refreshing and exciting for me. But great music is always timeless.

I myself play the daxophone, a german idiophone invented by innovative luthier/font designer Hans Reichel. his website, and some information: It’s a really awesome instrument–very primitive in concept, in fact it’s the instrument many people play in pre-school when they thump the ruler off the edge of their desk. when played with a bow, it can screech like a baby, wail like a violin, or coo like a warthog. check out some of my old recordings here:
simple looping in two of the sounds there.

I’ve built my own daxophones for over three years now, and since the instrument is monophonic, it was natural to turn to looping for live performances. I started with a boss rc-20, and later graduated to a electro-harmonix 2880 looper, (and now listening to your music, I’m wondering where I can grab an echoplex.) I’ve sort of reached a stillborn state at the moment, where I’m caught up with the limitations of my 2880 looper and no longer inspired by it. I tend to rely on pre-recorded sections for my live sets (the 2880 has removable flash cards), over which i improvise and elaborate. I play more shows in basements in kitchens than dedicated venues, so I try to keep everything as punk as possible, with copious singalongs…sometimes the looper loses its place in the set. i’m rambling. i would love to talk with you in great depth about looping, from its greater depth and metaphor to the intricate details of looping technique (in general and relative to your specific looper)

is the echoplex you use still commercially available? would you recommend i take the plunge? I really love how rhythmic and playful your later looping experiments are—a far cry from thick, furry shoegaze soundscapes, and much closer to my developing aesthetic.

let’s talk,

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