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IT LIVES published on 5 Comments on IT LIVES

OK, three years since my last blog post? What’s the opposite of “radical transparency?” (Conservative opacity?)

Soooooo many things to talk about, and I have a nagging urge to not talk about any of them at all. Hmmmm.

Making an album is like cleaning a house; the closer the room gets to being totally clean and organized, the harder it is to finish cleaning it. Making two albums at the same time is… like that, except with, um… another house?

Sometimes I feel guilty about complaining about anything – white male American art school graduate first world problems etc. I spend a lot of time trying to eliminate a sense of ego in myself. This is contrasted with the times when I remind myself that without a certain amount of ego, it’s hard to come up with a reason to get out of bed in the morning. (And then I wonder why I have trouble sleeping…)

Loooooong weekend. Will I finish a single song? Many songs? One of the two albums?

This will probably look even more ridiculous tomorrow morning than it already does right now in my half-asleep halfsleepiness. God knows if I’ll delete this before “sharing” it on teh social networxxor.

Time to (try) and sleep as visions of mixer settings and arrangements and EQ curves dance in my head.


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