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Yo Paul,

I always associate requests for video footage of myself to rank somewhere between looking at Medusa and gazing headlong into the sun for an hour, in the pleasurable viewing experience pantheon…

That said, if you feel like firing up your emailer, here are some things you (or anyone else so inclined to risk petrification) might try:

– A very cool European gentleman named Bernard Wagner was in LA a couple of years ago to film a lot of performance and interview footage with me, for a proposed Echoplex documentary. I don’t know where he’s at with it, but hearing some interested inquiries from other people might be a good incentive for him to, at least, put a couple of clips on youtube, if only to gauge the interest.

– A documentary series called Gourmet Guitars filmed a feature on an LA luthier named Michael Spalt about a year and a half ago, and I played (and looped) three of Spalt’s utterly amazing and iconoclastic guitars for them. This is slated to appear on the third volume of their DVD series; I don’t know exactly when it will be available, but once again, a nice inquiry might well help to spur them on.

– Chris Opperman has been talking about releasing a DVD of a gig I played with him about two years ago, and according to his blog, it looks like he’s about ready to have it made. No looping in this, but it’s interesting for the facts that

a) It was the first time I’d played with Chris in a couple of years, and the gig happened with absolutely no rehearsal or sheet music on my part,

b) It was the first gig I ever played with a Reverend guitar, which was both very inspiring and very terrifying,

c) It was a pretty cool gig, as I recall, though I’m assuming my estimation of it will be pretty close to my feelings about the live album of his that I appear on.

Meanwhile, I do want to find someone to video the upcoming Nova Express gig. Stay tuned for that… and thanks for the interest!

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