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Hot on the heels of another highly successful absence

Hot on the heels of another highly successful absence published on 2 Comments on Hot on the heels of another highly successful absence

Holy smacks, laziest blogger ever…

– The third Hollywood film to feature my playing on the original score gets wide release in the US next week. (Apparently it’s already on DVD in other parts of the world.) More details in a few.

– Gig this Sunday at Dangerous Curve along with Ken Rosser and Bill Forth. I always have a fine time a sharing a show with these gentlemen, and Dangerous Curve is a favorite place to play.

– Speaking of which, Nova Express, the space cafe I played at since mid-2005, is no more. The spot closed shop forever about a month back; I was lucky to be able to play the final night it was open, along with Daren Burns and Chris Opperman. Very bittersweet for me, as I had a lot of great gigs there during a pretty difficult period of my life. But it’s a good impetus for me to get in gear and start looking for other performance prospects.

– An alarming number of waiters and cashiers have referred to me as “ma’am” over the last few months, and at least a couple of men have done double-takes upon catching a glimpse of me when entering a restroom. Presumably this is from seeing my now-very long hair from the back. Although the fact that I seem to be going through my mid-’30s dressing like a teenage girl probably doesn’t clarify matters too much. At least Chuck Taylors and skinny jeans are pretty low-maintainance as mid-life-crisis signifiers go.


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