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Here's What's Happening: May 2012

Here's What's Happening: May 2012 published on No Comments on Here's What's Happening: May 2012

So, because I’m really bad at updating my news – and because I have a bad tendency to write posts that are way too long when I finally do get around to updates – here’s the quick gist of it:

I’m about to put out two new solo albums; the mixes are being finished as we speak. Why two albums? Because I found myself inspired in two different directions at the same time.

Album 1: The Hard Bargain – the mid-life crisis rock album. Songs – with actual melodies, chord progressions, and tightly-arranged structures – and a strictly guitar-bass-drums instrumentation. This is me finally giving myself permission to make an instrumental rock guitar album, after spending most of the last 15 years doing everything in my power to avoid it. It is, by a large margin, the single most unfashionable thing I’ve ever made.

Some of my points of reference for The Hard Bargain: Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth, Living Colour, Nels Cline, Jeff Beck, King Crimson.

Album 2: Do The Math – the mad scientist modular synth krautrock hauntology album. Lots of guitar on this one, too, but the foundation is a ton of bleeping, sputtering, buzzing synthesizers. Still very composed in comparison to anything I’ve released previously, but this album is more concerned with texture / vibe / sonics. This is me tearing up my “all guitar, no synthesizers used!” manifesto of the last decade or so – and since I was noodling on synths and drum machines before I ever got a guitar, it’s a roundabout “back to my roots” kind of thing.

Reference points for Do The Math: Pink Floyd, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Silver Apples, Laurie Spiegel, Raymond Scott, Public Enemy, ’70s Miles Davis. (I know, I know – EVERYBODY quotes ’70s Miles as an influence.)

There’s no echoplex, or live looping of any kind, on either album, although Do The Math is, in its way, as purely loop-based as anything I’ve ever done.

If you haven’t listened already, rough versions of four songs (two from each album) are available at my Bandcamp page:

Looking at those four tracks now, I wouldn’t say they’re “unrepresentative” of their albums, but neither do they totally encapsulate what either one is “about.” Reactions from people who have already heard this stuff have been all over the place, but I feel really strongly about putting this music out right now.

When are they coming out? As soon as I finish them – late May, early June…?

Note that I didn’t say what YEAR. (Kidding. [God, I’d BETTER be kidding.])

There’s the update! (See, that wasn’t so bad. I should do that more often…)


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