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Goodbye, Mom.

Goodbye, Mom. published on 8 Comments on Goodbye, Mom.

My mother, Marsha Jones LaFosse, passed away from cancer on Thursday, February 23rd, 2006, at the age of 67.

At some point I’ll talk more about her life and her extensive work as a professional musician and music teacher, when I’m better able to wrap my head around the immensity of all of this. In the meantime, if you have enough interest in my own work to be reading, then please take a moment to think of her, and thank her for all of the enormous support and encouragement she gave to me all through my life. It’s no exaggeration to say that I probably wouldn’t have started playing guitar, or making my own music, without her.

I love and miss her so, so much…


Sorry to hear of your loss

I just e-mailed you on another site about my new CD. I am truly sorry to hear about your mother. Last year on 2/12/05 my mother had died from cancer, it happened to be 3 weeks after my father had died. It was at that point, I was listening to one of your records and I realized just how different music can be. I decided at that point I would make a record to express my feeling about my recent experiences. “Disengage” is about how I felt during most of last year. It’s about having an emotional breakdown and surviving. I know from experience you don’t want to hear about this now and I am again truly sorry for your loss. In time when you are felling better I hope you can take the time to listen to my record. You can contact me at your convenience for more information at
Sorry and thanks for your time.
Dave Simmons

Marsha Jones LaFosse

Hello, Andre,

I remember Marsha quite well! I am her brother—and
good memories of when we played the Overture to ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ by Nikolai in public, she being 9 years old and me at age 10, some 16 months older, her accompanist.

She was quite talented, but we both had not very pleasant childhoods that left many scars. I am glad she is so well
remembered and cherished now and best wishes to you and all
who knew her.

Although I’ve never met you, I would be most pleased to do
so sometime.

Hugh Aubrey Jones


Hi andre,

I am sitting here at your cousin’s house, Aubrey Jones,
age 41, and his wife, JoAnn, and their six children in
Columbus, IN and we have been listening to your music.

Just wanted to say “hi” and wonder if you’d ever care to
communicate. My wife, Ginny, and I also have a daughter, Shawna,
age 19, who is a student at Indiana University and would, of
course, also be your cousin.

I last saw Marsha in Cheyenne, late summer of 1970. I heard
from her very infrequently over the years. I returned to Indiana
after a very abrupt visit with my Dad, in 1971—I’ve never really
been out of the state since then, never saw him again, either.

We live a quiet life in Bedford, my wife is a violinist and
teaches kids—days she works as a cleric at IU.

Her mother had been a member of the Muncie Symphony for around
45 years—Ginny’s home town. One of her best friends in Pat
Tretick—when I was growing up in Laramie Sidney Tretick was
the best-nown teacher in the Rocky Mountai area. Their son is
Drew Tretick, who has a webs-site devoted to electric violin.

A student of my wife, high school age, played one of the Bartok
Rumanian Dances and used your Dad’s CD as a listening reference.
Very beautiful.

If you’d care to write, our e-mail address is

Hugh and Ginny Jones

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