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Gigs! Video! A blog update!

Gigs! Video! A blog update! published on No Comments on Gigs! Video! A blog update!

Greetings, intrepid reader of this very rarely-updated blog –


I will attempt to be succinct and to-the-point with this one. I’ve started playing live again as a solo act, after several years away from such things. It’s been fun, terrifying, challenging, exciting, frustrating, gratifying… everything live performance has always been, for me.


To that end, I have a list of upcoming gigs, as well as footage of recent (and not-so-recent) shows.




1. “Brilliant Strings” Guitar Gathering |
Sunday, September 1, 4:00 PM
326 S. Hewitt, Los Angeles, CA 90013
$10 suggested donation

This is a new, monthly concert series in Los Angeles, featuring a wildly eclectic roster of performers from all over the stylistic spectrum.  This is the second time I’m playing at the event; I’m technically headlining this show, and it’s on Labor Day weekend, so if you or anyone in the area can make it out, it will be very deeply appreciated!


2. Dung Mummy Radio |
Thursday, October 3, 10:00 PM (+ archived online after the fact)


A live performance and hang on this eclectic music program, I’ll be appearing along with guitarists Goh Kurosawa (host and founder of Brilliant Strings) and Gilbert Chinn.


3. Y2K13 Looping Music Festival |
October 18 – 20 (exact dates/times TBA), Santa Cruz, CA


I’m delighted and honored to be scheduled as a headliner for this seminal event showcasing live looping performers from all over the globe. Precise details coming very soon…




Several new performance clips have been uploaded to YouTube by various people, and I’ve started a playlist to keep track of them:


Andre LaFosse Live Performance Anthology


There are new clips from the last couple of months (including my complete set from August’s Brilliant Strings concert), as well as various things going back all the way to 2005, some of which I’d forgotten were even online.


So: lots of gigging happening lately. If you’re able to attend or listen to any of these events, please do consider it – your interest and ears are very greatly appreciated by myself, and everyone involved in making these shows happen.


As always: thank you for listening!

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