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Furrowed brows and scratched chins

Furrowed brows and scratched chins published on No Comments on Furrowed brows and scratched chins

Guitarist-musician-thinker extroardinaire Charles Morogiello has posted a lengthy and amusing dissertation on his most recent gig. It dovetails into some ponderings about reconnecting with musical roots, the codification of aesthetic parameters and their impact on how people might steer their own creative impulses in response… you know, the sort of thing that electric guitar players with art school educations like to ponder in their blogs. 🙂

Have a gander – it strikes me as something of a companion piece to my previous blog post. Then have a listen to the sound clips of Mr. Morogiello’s band Kiss The Frog. The show I did with them back in September of 2002 remains the most fun I’ve had during a solo show in recent memory, and the last couple of gigs of theirs I’ve seen have been extremely engrossing and fun listens.

In other news: A Bay Area gig or two with the inimitable Brian Kenny Fresno looks highly likely for early Summer, as does an LA show a couple of months after that. I’ve also received an invitation to interview for a teaching gig later in the year which could be very cool; my fingers will be crossed for that. And in the immediate future: a “straight-edge” recording, intended as a demo to show that I can actually play music other than my own flipped-out solo work.

It’ll basically be me doing all the things I’m afraid to do when I’m making an “Andre LaFosse” album – that is, play songs, with melodies and discernable structures and recognizable stylistic reference points. No, this isn’t “my new album” – it’s a long-overdue document of things I can do outside of “my own thing,” intended in large part to show other musicians (and prospective clients or employers) that I won’t turn every project I play on into an avant-garde deconstruction.

It may well end up being the most readily-accessible music I’ve done in ages, which of course I’d only allow myself to do because “it’s not really MY music.” Or maybe it’s a pathetic musical mid-life crisis. Either way, it should be interesting.

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