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Dr. Who Geeks R Us

Dr. Who Geeks R Us published on 1 Comment on Dr. Who Geeks R Us

suitandtieguy was seemingly stunned at my Dr. Who fandom. Which is fun to talk about, but not if it derails (no pun intended) a thread on my first ever film screen credit… (thanks a million, John… as soon as that boy enables blog comments at his own page, I’m detailing his affection for “Mr. Roboto” as a seventh-grader.)

Hence a private entry for LJ homies only!

Yeah, I was a hardcore Dr. Who geek in my teenage years. Truth told, I think the whole mythology of the world was more fun for me than the show itself; reading about all of the different actors, eras, and continuity, and having to wait for months or years for episodes to finally show up on public TV, was frequently more fun than actually watching the shows (which would be broadcast at 10:00 PM on Saturday nights… God DAMN, those Hartnell episodes were a bitch to stay awake through.)

My take?

Hartnell: a handful of the eps were magical, but overall this stuff was the hardest for me to connect to.

Troughton: so few of the eps survived that there didn’t seem to be much to grasp onto, and the whole clown/cosmic hobo thing didn’t seem too appealing for a 12-year-old in Iowa City. I have a feeling I’d dig that stuff a lot more now.

Pertwee: Really liked the first couple of seasons, but I lost the plot once he got his TARDIS licence back.

Tom Baker: Sorry, but Tom’s the man. Wish I could be a total iconoclast, but Tom gets my top votes no contest.

Davison: Eh… s’OK.

Colin Baker: I actually got a kick out of his performance, though an awfully lot of his stories were profoudly crap. The Dalek story with Alexi Sayle is a classic.

McCoy: I think I’d appreciate the sheer oddball bizzaro nature of his first couple of seasons a lot more now than I did when I first saw them. Season 26 was the very first time I saw a Dr. Who season without knowing anything about it, and on the whole I thought it was great.

TV Movie: I liked it, but…

Haven’t seen any of the Eccleston eps, though I’m very curious to, and have a feeling I’d like them, if only on account of how much they’ve been pissing off lots of old guard fans.

I don’t think I could put up with much of the original series at this point in my life – I rented the Five Doctors DVD a while ago, which was the first time I’d seen any Dr. Who in years and years, and thought the piss-taking commentary was hilarious and all too true… as the guy who runs Anorak Zone mentioned (I’m paraphrasing) – one problem with watching the original series in the 21st century is that it’s a bit hard to escape how unintentionally corny most of the show was.

Just my opinion of course!

Now can we please go back to talking about my film music career?! 🙂 😉

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i knew there was a reason you were so cool. apparently you’re from Iowa.

were you watching DW on the station out of the QC? if so … did you laugh your ass off everytime you saw their highly cornified MC …. the guy on the bluescreen.

Iowa City shrunk an 80 dollar boater of mine at a John Scofield show to the point i can’t wear it anymore. but that’s a story for another day. that was also the day i got my photo taken with Lonnie Smith … truly a highlight for any jazz organist.

didn’t mean to derail your entry. i’ll probably see the movie on monday .. i have to go into Peoria to get an oil change and tonight i wound up painiting a Wurlitzer piano top _purple_ (pics later). this thing looks totally pimp. and by “pimp” i mean , well … PIMP. in fact, i should have my own MTV show: Pimp My Gear with Suit & Tie Guy.

if you want any DVD-Rs of the show, _includeing_ the new series, let me know. i have all of it.

yeah. all of it.

if Hartnell didn’t connect with you i can understand that, but you _must_ see The Tenth Planet sometime. the first Cybermen story is by far the creepiest. they have qualities in that story that seem to be lacking further in the series.

Hartnell’s Doctor was quite a cranky and rude old man, which i think is totally fucking sweet.

like the Brigadier said: “Wonderful chap. all of them.”

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