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Don’t Call It A Comeback… actually, no – DO Call It A Comeback.

Don’t Call It A Comeback… actually, no – DO Call It A Comeback. published on 3 Comments on Don’t Call It A Comeback… actually, no – DO Call It A Comeback.

Two LA gigs this month!

Wednesday, June 13
Nova Express, Los Angeles
Free Admission

One of my absolute favorite spots to play (or just to hang out). TheGreyman, well worth catching, opens at 8:00, and I hit around 9:30.

Sunday, June 24
Dangerous Curve, Los Angeles
4:00 PM, $7-$10 sliding scale

A really cool downtown art gallery and performance space. I’ll be sharing the bill with two fabulous guitarists: Ken Rosser and Bill Forth. We won’t decide the running order until right before they play, and/but both guys are 1000% worth checking out.

An impending gig or two brings with it many things, not the least of which being the eternal question: What am I going to play?!

For my own benefit, as much as anything else: the pool of candidates


Serious Drama*
The Proposition*
Guilty Party*
One Way Street*
Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
Spirits In The Material World* (Police)
When The World Is Running Down (Police)
Fascination Street (Cure)*
Black Satin/On The Corner (Miles Davis)
My Red Hot Car (Squarepusher)
Talk (Kraftwerk by way of Coldplay)
You Know You Know (Mahavishnu Orchestra)

(*has been played live many times successfully, but has new additions or upgrades waiting to be nailed down)

Potentials/Needs Work:

Untitled Uptempo
Subway Psychology
Blueski (Underworld)
Normalized (?!?!!?!1!1!)
Sign ‘O The TImes (Prince)
Fool’s Gold (Stone Roses)
Young Folks (Peter Bjorn and John)


keep missing your shows

Yeah man, we were both studying guitar with Miro at CalArts, and darn it, I feel bad to miss your shows, but in my case my computer programming day job is taking up so much time, I barely have enough time to sleep! Oftentimes I’ll have to be in the office at 9am and not allowed to leave till 3am, being a programmer pretty much kills having any sort of life whatsoever, but I miss music so bad, I wind up depressed all the time, but I’m so far in debt over calarts, I’ll never be an artist, basically going to art school ironically has scentenced me to a boring life of wage slavery.

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