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Brain freeze at 1:09 AM.

Did my taxes for the City of Los Angeles, which I’m required to do as a “retail seller” (Altruist Music) and an independent/self-employed dude (musician, teacher, engineer, et al).

Trying to decide which amp simulator to buy (sorry Shawn – I can hear you cringing all the way from Seattle!). I won’t be bringing an amp to New York, and I like a full-frequency range sound (as opposed to a “regular” guitar amp sound) a lot for my solo gigs, so it’s a toss-up between the Vox Tonelab and the Pod XT at this point. May go into Guitar Center with a pair of headphones, and may simply use their 30-day return policy, and the magic of credit cards, to try ’em both at home.

Wrapping my head around a Behringer line-splitter, which takes an input signal (in this case, my guitar) and splits it into numerous different outputs (which is how I’ll be feeding the Echoplexes). Very nice, intuitive box. I wish I didn’t have to reach over and adjust audio and MIDI output routing by hand, but the alternative is scrolling through dozens and dozens of footpedal patches by stomping my feet – not terribly elegant as a best-case scenario.

Setting the MIDI splitter to send a Replace command to both Echoplexes – but having the audio splitter only sending guitar input to ONE Echoplex – results in one loop getting “regular” Replace fragments, while the other loop gets snippets of silence punched into its own loop. I’m imagining how this will sound in 5.1 and grinning at the prospect.

Ronan Chris Murphy’s new radio show, featuring my interview and in-studio performances from a week or so ago, is now online: Veneto West Radio.

Concise and laconic blog posts are nice when you’re dog tired.


Hmm going good then

You may eventually need to go back to software to get things done in the future (lot of interesting stuff going on)
A decent software looper in the spirit of the EDP ( Windows only at the moment Mac later via direct port or possibly VST (already a win VST and a standalone windows package) I found this one the other day relates to some of your new 5.1 processes might be useful in the future if and when you ever hit the wall with hardware.

Still need my EDP for your perforances in NYC?

Later on
Al K in North of NYC ;D

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