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Re: !

Hi Paul,

No word on a soundtrack at the moment, unfortunately – I haven’t seen it listed as an upcoming release. It’d be a shame if it isn’t made available, as it’s a really cool listen (my personal bias going without saying, of course.)

The Derailed soundtrack is altogether more mysterious – there is a CD release scheduled for November 8, but it’s coming out on the Wu Tang Clan’s label; the RZA (who acts in the film) has some material in it, and rapper Xzibit (who also has a part) may well show up on the soundtrack, too. No idea how much of Shearmur’s score (if any) may be on that album, or how much of those hyoothetical selected bits may contain my work. Or maybe there’ll be a seperate score CD just for that.

God Damn, these are nice problems to be able to worry about!

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