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Prepared Guitar – March 14, 2014  A wide-ranging chat with one of the finest resources for unconventional guitar (and music in general) around, with site curator Miguel Copon.

Guitar Moderne – October 6, 2012  A superb webzine for left-of-center guitar interests, run by Michael Ross. This talk covers my background, interests, and lots of technical details/”behind the scenes” information.

headphonaught – July 2012  Thomas Mathie posits seven questions about music, philosophy, community, and ego. – June 2012  An in-depth discussion with Scott Collins, a fabulous guitarist, teacher, and writer.  Many topics are covered, including the twin 2012 releases, my use of live looping (and/or the conspicuous absence thereof), and guitar teaching.

This Is My Method – Fall 2004  This Is My Method was a print ‘zine that ran in the mid-2000’s. Mike Corwin, the man behind TIIM, is a great guy and very talented musician, as well as a fellow CalArts alum. He invited me to do the interview after catching a gig I played around town.

Sea of Tranquility – June 27, 2004  Jedd Beaudoin is a great writer and interviewer with a huge spectrum of musical knowledge.  I was very happy to chat with him about a variety of subjects, including my first two CDs.

None For You Dear – Summer/Fall 2000  Rich Pike is a music business veteran, severe music fanatic, and superb guy who ran a webzine called None For You Dear in the early 2000’s. He covered me in one of NFYD’s “Indie Spotlight” columns; it was the first real interview I ever did, about half a year after Disruption Theory was released.


Jessica Burks talks to Epically Cracked – January 1st, 2015 Jessica spoke to three fourths of Epically Cracked (myself, Chuck van Haecke, and Lisa Edelman; April Fletcher was unable to join us) about many subjects, including life as a musician in LA and the value of practicing with a metronome.

Dung Mummy Radio – October 3rd, 2013  Live performances and rambling conversation, both solo and with guitarist Goh Kurosawa, on this wildly eclectic and adventurous radio series hosted by The Ustad.

Functional Nerds Podcast, July 10, 2012  Hosts John Anealio and Patrick Hester lead us through nostalgia for late ’80s Casio consumer keyboards, jokes about Yngwie Malmsteen, imitations of Beavis and Butthead, the warranty-voiding ramifications of the Bob Sellon Lexicon Mod… and my music, too.

WNYC – New Sounds: Turntablist Guitarist (March 16, 2005)  An interview and in-studio live performances on this seminal New York City radio show, hosted by the wonderful John Schaeffer. (John has also generously included my music in many subsequent episodes of New Sounds.)

Veneto West Radio, February/March 2005  Hosted by musician/producer/engineer extroardinaire Ronan Chris Murphy, this show has both interview and live performance segments.

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