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The Hard Bargain (2012)

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The Hard Bargain  | the mid-life crisis rock album

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“Six-string iconoclast LaFosse goes anti-rogue on this comparatively straightforward “power trio” instrumental rock album, though, of course, he can’t entirely screen out all of the quirky chord shifts, squiggly melodies, and surprising timbres that make his uncommon music and playing so intriguing.” (Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine)

“I wouldn’t say it was ‘ego-free’ music, because it still bestrides its sonic landscape like an Earth-conquering colossus, it is still possessed of a sense of mastery, but that epic character is extremely compelling, achieving some of the characteristic atmosphere of doom metal through a rather more subtle approach to its musical materials… a superb record that evokes a set of surgically precise emotional specificities. (Oliver Arditti)

“…the real crux here is a craftsman who understands and commands his resources impeccably, then limits the language they’re used to speaking in. By doing so, LaFosse has given a new tongue to his dreaded instrumental guitar rock album without once talking down to it, or the end-user.” (Mr. Atavist)

“…LaFosse’s exploration of the limitless breadth of his guitar’s buzzy growl and heavenly evocative choral wail. Not a full-circle affair, the album traverses vast music ground with the simple guitar-bass-drums format, leaving you in a very different state to that which it found you in, for better or worse.” (Matthew Fellows, Access All Areas Music)

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