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NYC 3.0 (2006)

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A live soundboard recording of Andre LaFosse at The Monkey
from the New York Guitar Festival, January 19th, 2006

Click each part to download mp3

Part 1: Entwined
Part 2: NYC 3.0 -> Serious Drama -> Interference
Part 3: NYC 3.1 -> One Way Street -> The Proposition
Part 4: Signify -> NYC 3.2 -> NYC 3.3
Part 5: NYC 3.4 -> Guilty Party

All selections written/improvised by Andre LaFosse.
Recorded by Dominic Frasca.
Post-performance mixing and mastering by Elijah B. Torn and Andre LaFosse.

For this performance, I played a Reverend Rocco electric guitar, through a Vox ToneLab, into an Echoplex Digital Pro controlled by a Digitech PMC-10 MIDI footpedal. No pre-recorded elements or outside sound sources were used. Part 3 contains a post-performance fade-out; Part 2 and Part 4 contain one mid-performance edit each.

Special thanks to David Spelman, Dominic Frasca, Elijah B. Torn, David Torn, Andre Cholmondeley and Cheri Jiosne.

The handfull of post-peformance edits were mainly to eliminate the few cover songs I played at the gig, in order to avoid having to pay royalties on those songs while offering free downloads of the performance. (Besides, you didn’t really want to hear my covers of “B.Y.O.B.” and “My Red Hot Car.”)

There was also roughly one minute I chopped out of one other tune included here, simply because it drove me up the wall every time I listened back to it. The post-edited version you now hear is still completely “performable,” so the ludicrously obligatory “totally live!!!” looping chest-beating is still in effect.

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