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Vaccination Street: Six​-​String Mixtape Volume 4

in-studio live loop anthology #4, and the first featuring the Glou-Glou Loupé

A Pox On All our Houses (2021)

hip-hop shred desert blues devotional incantation

Karma Suppression Index (2020)

the exotic melodic avant arena rock album

Weird Flex But OK (2019)

junkyard fuzztone radiophonic slop

Too Long; Didn’t Listen: Six-String Mixtape Volume 3 (2019)

live looping document number 3

Pivot to Video: Six-String Mixtape Volume 2 (2018)

the second live looping jam collection

Cranky Machines (2018) by Ross Garren & Andre LaFosse

the dub-boogie, glitch-blues, ambient-honky tonk album

Six-String Mixtape Volume 1 (2017)

the first contemporary in-studio live looping anthology

You Won’t Believe What Happens Next (2017)

the raga-blues post-punk protest album

Epically Cracked (2016) by Epically Cracked

the live band jazz/funk/rock album

Infinite Regression: 1997 Ambient Archive (2015)

the ambient guitar looping anthology

Selective Sync Conflict (2015) by Taggart & Andre LaFosse

the secret cinematic collaborative Echoplex project

Do The Math (2012)

the mad scientist modular synthesizer hauntology krautrock album


The Hard Bargain (2012)

the mid-life crisis rock album

Normalized (2003)

the turntablist guitar album

Disruption Theory (1999)

the prog/fusion electronica album

NYC 3.0: Recordings From The New York Guitar Festival (2006)

the free live bootleg

Passing Through Veils (2011) by Darren Nelsen

Andre’s contributions: co-production and co-mixing

Grannykart’s Own Thing (2010) by Grannykart

Andre’s contributions: mastering, additional production, guitars on “Minor Antarctic Island” and “The Equalizer”

Half-Pint Demigod (2005) by Yogi

Andre’s contributions: remixing, conceptual overdose

Beyond The Foggy Highway (2005) by Chris Opperman

Andre’s contributions: guitar playing on several tracks

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