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February 2018: Cranky Machines, a new full-length album created with Ross Garren

“Cranky Machines” joins my “turntablist guitar” looping approach with the distinctive musical vision of composer/producer/keyboardist/arranger Ross Garren. The sound world he crafted for this record is sort of Professor Longhair meets Lee “Scratch” Perry meets George Clinton meets Jon Brion: a dub-boogie, glitch-blues, ambient-honky tonk, magical-realist R&B thing. It’s both very funky and accessible, AND very textural and abstract. It’s immediate and visceral, but beneath the surface there’s a lot of meta-commentary going on with regards to different eras of loop-based and groove-oriented music.

Ross played everything from acoustic piano to analog synth to organ to Mellotron, and employed lots of outboard analog gear in the tracking and mixing. (To paraphrase Ronan Chris Murphy, the Roland Space Echo was practically a third member of the band on this album.)

I’m really happy with how this record came out, and I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out. It’s on Spotify and Apple Music, but my first recommendation would be Bandcamp. A lot of time and attention was paid to the production and engineering of this album, and Bandcamp offers the option of uncompressed, 24 bit/96 kHz downloads. We’ve made it pay-what-you-want, so it’s just as free as streaming if you’re so inclined.

As always: thank you for listening!

October 2017: live looping video tutorials and a Patreon campaign

I’ve started a new series of videos looking at different technical and conceptual possibilities for looping.

To help support the creation of new tutorials, I’ve created a page on Patreon, a subscription-based crowdfunding site.

May 2017: Six-String Mixtape

An anthology of live, in-studio jams with guitar and the Echoplex Digital Pro looper.


February 2017: the raga-blues post-punk protest album

You Won’t Believe What Happens Next is my first solo album of new material in over four years. It’s a collection of duets for one human and a computer, made at a point in time when “one human and a computer” seems to have become our dominant way of dealing with the world, each other, and ourselves.

the live band jazz/funk/rock album

Epically Cracked is the self-titled studio recording by the instrumental quartet I played in during the mid-2000’s.

New/old Music from two decades ago

Infinite Regression is a collection of live improvisations recorded almost 20 years ago, at the peak of my ambient guitar looping fixation. Remastered in December 2015, this contains long-unavailable material as well as performances that have never seen the light of day until now.

the secret cinematic collaborative Echoplex project

“Selective Sync Conflict” is composer and multi-instrumentalist Ross Garren (aka Taggart) taking EDP loops of mine, and building pieces on top of them using everything from prepared piano to harmonica to digital synthesizers. It’s the first Echoplex-based studio work I’ve released in half a decade, and I’m hugely proud to have been involved in the creation of this stuff.

It was co-produced and mixed by Nick DePinna, and includes guest appearances by Gavin Salmon on live drum set and percussion, Erika Oba on flute, and Hitomi Oba on saxophone. The cover art is a staggeringly detailed piece of completely hand-drawn work by Bridget Klappert.


I have a band! Epically Cracked is the experimental funk/jazz quartet I play in. Check us out on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

Here’s a complete show from August 2004 at WitZend in Venice, California:



I’ve uploaded almost two hours of fresh live footage since I started gigging solo again in the middle of 2013. Visit my YouTube channel for more information, or check out a playlist of all of them right here:

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